New Patient exams

New Patient exams

Your oral health can affect your overall health. Your teeth are important for chewing, talking and also to maintain your appearance. The problems in your mouth could create problems elsewhere in your body. Hence it is important to maintain your oral health. You must visit the dentist at least once in 6 months. Here are the procedures carried out during your first dental visit:

Initial consultation

When you visit the dentist for the first time, your dentist will ask you about your chief complaint, the reason behind your visit to the clinic, what treatment are you looking for, etc. You will then be introduced to the particular dentist who would be treating you.

Comprehensive oral examination

Patients usually come to the dentist either due to tooth pain or to improve the appearance of their teeth. The dentist will ask you about your previous dental experience so as to make this visit more successful. Your bite (occlusion) and the TMJ would be evaluated, where the dentist checks for clicking, grating or popping noise, pain, limited motion, locking of the jaw or any discomfort during opening and closing of the jaws. A cosmetic examination will be done, where the dentist will evaluate your teeth shape, size, color, condition and position. In the cosmetic examination, the dentist evaluates your lip position, gums position, color and consistency. The dentist checks your teeth for any decay and excessive gaps between teeth. The periodontal check will be carried out. The dentist evaluates the gum health, where he/she checks for bleeding gums, bad breath and swollen gums. The dentist also checks for any lesions or abnormalities that could be precursors of cancer. The existing bone structure will also be evaluated.


On your first visit, a full mouth radiograph will be taken to check for any dental problems. One or more radiographs may also be taken. The dentist will review the radiograph and will explain to you the purpose of the treatment and consequences of the treatment.

Extra-oral photographs

Digital photographs of the face will be taken. This acts as a visual aid that helps to decide the treatment plan required to change your smile. These photographs are used as a reference point for your dental health.

Personalised treatment plan

After a thorough examination, your dentist comes up with a personalized treatment plan suitable for your needs. The phases of the treatment are as follows:

  •   Emergency phase: This phase of treatment involves procedures that relieve pain (antibiotics, analgesics), extraction of hopeless teeth, restoration of a fractured tooth, etc.
  • Corrective phase: This phase of treatment involves restoration of form, function and the aesthetics. Procedures in corrective phase are root canal treatment, removable partial dentures, fixed partial dentures, complete dentures, etc.
  • Maintenance phase: This begins as soon as a healthy oral environment is established. It is aimed at ensuring a continuing healthy oral environment.

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